Being Content & A Give Thanks Printable!

Give Thanks Free Printable

Canadian Thanksgiving is this coming weekend and I can’t wait to get my stretchy pants on and indulge in all the yumminess it brings.

Give Thanks Free Printable

Aside from all the food though, it really is a good time to sit back and reflect on how truly thankful I am for everything in my life. It’s so very easy to lose sight of what you have and to constantly be striving and grasping and wanting more. Some days it’s hard to be content with the life you live, yet to be content can be so fulfilling.

I get it though, sometimes when the kids are hollering at each other and the living room has turned into the grounds of a WWE matchup (an unfair matchup albeit) & you’ve forgotten the spaghetti sauce on high and it’s exploded glorious bubbles of crushed tomato all over every possible surface, a string of 4 letter words come rocketing out instead of a feeling of thankfulness. Yet somewhere there is a couple who’s house is so silent and lacking of the whoops and hollers of a child, it hurts. A family who’s so hungry, they can think of nothing else but where they may get their next meal.  Oftentimes I find myself reminding the kids to be grateful and appreciative of what they have because there are so many who are less fortunate than we are, yet I fail to hear my own words.

So many times I’ll be shopping with the kids and I make the unfortunate choice to walk by the toy aisle. Queue the pleas of how “I’ll just die if I don’t have that $150, 1246 piece Ninjago/Jurassic Park/Super Heroes/Star Wars/Scooby Doo/Minecraft Lego set!”. The irritation kicks in and I silently curse the Lego gods & question why I even try to shop with kids. On the flipside how many times have they been with me in a store and have heard “I NEED that (fill in the blank)” and not just want but absolutely NEED. Lets get real, how many ceramic owls do I really need….

If I start to show how content I am with what I have then I can guarantee those requests and arguments would happen less and less. It all starts at home, right?

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving this weekend or just staying in and enjoying some peace and quiet then it’s not too late to print this printable off and add it to your table scape or mantel and remind yourself and your guests to give thanks.

Give Thanks Free Printable

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Give Thanks Free Printable

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Happy Thanksgiving my friends!

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