How to Add Wrapping Paper to Furniture

Lining drawers with wrapping paper

It’s no secret that I love to paint furniture. If I could, I would paint ALL the furniture. But then I’d probably end up homeless.

From time to time you may want to add a little something extra to your furniture. A little pattern, a little oomph, some pizazz maybe? One of the easiest ways to liven up drawers or shelves or a back piece on your furniture is by using wrapping paper. For real, it’s not just for wrapping gifts, it’s in fact the gift that keeps on giving. You’ll love the extra pop it gives to what can sometimes be just another piece of painted furniture.

Lining drawers with wrapping paper

I’m a sucker for pretty patterned paper & I’m pretty sure HomeSense knows this. Why else do they stick all their wrapping paper in the checkout line? At $3.99 a roll, it’s hard to resist. What better way to use it, then to jazz up some drawers on my desk. I opted for the navy and white stripes so that it stood out from the mint.

Lining drawers with wrapping paper

This will seriously take you 10 minutes to do. It’s so simple and so quick. All you need is some glue and some paper. I used Elmer’s Craft Bond, it’s the bomb. It’s a pain if you get it on anything you didn’t intend to, but it works like a charm!

I measured out my drawer and using a rotary cutter, cut my squares out of the paper in the proper measurements.

Lining drawers with wrapping paper

Be sure to read the application instructions on your spray adhesive before you just start spraying away. Make sure you’re in a well vented area and spray the backside of the paper, making sure you get all the edges. The craft bond says to spray and then wait a couple of minutes. This allows the glue to thicken up a bit and react to the surface it’s been sprayed on.

Lining drawers with wrapping paper

Just a note: This stuff is super sticky, so don’t rush yourself when you are applying your paper to your surface. Very carefully place the paper inside your drawer. Using the edge of a credit card or something else to the same effect, press down on your paper making sure there are no air bubbles or pockets anywhere. Once all your edges are down and the paper is laying flat, you are done! How simple was that?! Minimal effort, big effect.

Lining drawers with wrapping paper

I love the combo of Mint & Navy and the lines make it look so sharp.

Lining drawers with wrapping paper Lining drawers with wrapping paper Lining drawers with wrapping paper Mint & Navy Shabby Chic Desk Makeover

The combo of the navy and white on the back really makes the mint color pop that much more. Tissue paper is another paper item you could use in place of wrapping paper. Minimal cost, minimal effort, and guaranteed to generate a ton of ooh’s and ah’s!

Have a great weekend friends!



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