Deck the Halls with Reindeer Printables

Free Reindeer Printables

Road trips with the kids can be painful. Most are fine, but every now and again we’re hit with a  doozy. No one cares about the movie that’s on, iPad’s aren’t charged, he’s touching my arm, she breathed in my general direction…you know how it goes.

One of the ‘games’ we play to diffuse backseat WWIII is “Spot the Animal”. As in, look for cows! Do you see any horses? Are there coyotes/foxes in the field? We live in the prairies and there is an overabundance of all these animals anywhere you drive so it’s pretty simple. But now, with Christmas approaching, we’re all about the reindeer. “Quick! Look at those bushes! I think I saw a REINDEER!” Obviously this game isn’t working for the 10yr old, but he’s not really the problem. The 6yr old and 3yr old really get into, and although we’ve seen many Mule deer and Whitetail deer, we have yet to spot a Reindeer.

In lieu of providing real life reindeer I whipped up some awesome printables to take their place. Switching up the printables in various frames throughout the house is a quick and easy way to  freshen up your décor without having to break the bank.

Free Reindeer Printables

They give off a simplistic vibe with a pop of muted color through the plaid on the reindeer prints. Use one or use them all to greet your guests! There are formatted as an 8×10 but you could easily re-size them in your printer settings.

Click HERE to download your free Reindeer Name Printreindeer1Click HERE to download your free Red Plaid ReindeerFree Reindeer PrintablesClick HERE to download your FREE Green Plaid ReindeerFree Reindeer PrintablesClick HERE to download your free Black Plaid ReindeerFree Reindeer Printables

If the “Hey where’s the animal” game doesn’t work out for you, then just keep in mind that there is always a drink to be had at the end of your travels. And if you’re ever travelling my way I’ll make sure it’s a double rum and egg nog!

  • Cristina
    Nov 22

    They’re so pretty! Thanks for the free printables!

    • Chandra
      Nov 25

      Your welcome! So glad you like them!

  • Jody
    Nov 27

    Love,love the reindeer. And now I really know their names. I have an idea to oval cut the reindeer and place them and name page I think I might scallop in an old window and hang on the front porch. How cool will the little ones walking to the school at the end of the street think they are. I am 62 now but the little ones were in my thoughts as I decorated the front of my house.

  • Gabrielle Conkey
    Aug 19

    These are beautiful!! I’m am head over heels obsessed with buffalo checks so these reindeer are my new favorite Christmas decor pieces. If you’re okay with it I would love to feature them in my blog later this year when I do my ‘Decorating for the Holidays’ post. I run a lifestyle blog, that focus a lot on DIY projects and farmhouse decor.

    Thank you so much for the wonderful printables!

    • Chandra
      Gabrielle Conkey
      Oct 08

      Thanks so much Gabby! Feel free to include them in your post!

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    Nov 15

    […] Blessed Blog has some more classy reindeer decor printables to brighten up your […]

  • Carole
    Dec 17

    Thank you!

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