Hockey Printable & Frame Re-vamp

Eat. Sleep. Play Hockey. Printable

We are in the thick of hockey season here in Canada. January brings about an abundance of tournaments, travel, stinky hockey gear and memories galore for both of our boys. Schedules get juggled, meals are constantly being eaten on the way to one rink or another, & I constantly wonder whether I’m in the midst of losing my mind, or whether I’ve already lost it!

Our home is filled with rather heated debates at times over which NHL is the most superior (Canadians for Carter, every other team for Tucker). We even try to increase the excitement by placing little wagers on the games! I know there are mobile apps where you can do ice hockey betting with bonus, but for us, it’s just a little friendly family betting, and we don’t always bet money! So, when the boys started asking for Hockey themed décor in their rooms, I wasn’t all too surprised. After printing off some of Carter’s hockey pictures I realised I really had nowhere to put them. I tend to hoard picture frames, so I went to my stash and rifled through. I chose a quad picture family themed one that I had brought home from Dollarama ages ago and never ended up using.

I sprayed it down a couple of times with a black satin finish spray paint to get rid of the lettering and brown color. Using my Cricut Explore Air™ 2 machine“>Cricut Explore Air & some Cricut 2002028 Vinyl Scrapbook Embellishment, Silver“>silver vinyl I cut out Carter’s name in a font called University. I peeled off around the letters and then using Cricut Vinyl Transfer Tape“>vinyl transfer tape lifted the letters off of the backing.

Eat. Sleep. Play Hockey. Printable

I centered the letters at the bottom of the frame and pressed them down with the transfer tape. Lift off the transfer tape and boom, done. Using the same method I cut out a hockey stick decal and put it in the middle of the frame. Carter and I filled the frame with his hockey pics and we were ready to hang it up on his wall.

Eat. Sleep. Play Hockey. Printable

He wanted picture “with some words, you know, a saying or something”, ha! So we googled some hockey quotes and he opted for something simple (thankfully). Eat. Sleep. Play Hockey. Have I ever mentioned how much I love simple? After printing it off, we used some washi tape to stick it on the wall.

Eat. Sleep. Play Hockey. Printable

Eat. Sleep. Play Hockey. Printable

I’d say that’s a definite improvement over a blank wall!

The Printable is formatted as an 8×10 but can be re-sized on your printer settings.


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Hope you enjoy and if you’re a fellow hockey parent, enjoy the rest of your season!

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