Magnet Board to Game Board – Week 3 Update

How to turn a chalkboard into a hockey game board

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Hey hey! How is it already Friday?

I’m late with an update on our room makeover this week. It’s been a hectic week of work, hockey, lacrosse, patching, sanding, patching again, priming, patching, more priming, choosing paint… the struggle is real.

Tuck wanted dark blue “like our bathroom door” for his room. To find some inspiration I scrolled through Benjamin Moore’s Instagram feed and checked out all the different dark blue rooms it featured. So much inspiration! Tucker’s room faces South and gets a massive amount of sun throughout the whole day, so I wasn’t worried that navy would be too dark. I grabbed some paint chips and narrowed it down to 4 colors.

$100 Room Challenge - Choosing paint

‘Abyss’ which is on the bottom left was too dark and too grey, I needed a little more blue. ‘Champion Cobalt’ which is at the top in the middle was too much of a teal blue rather than a navy. Newburyport Blue is the color I had chosen on my inspiration board and ultimately the color I wanted to go with.

$100 Room Challenge - Choosing paint

I took my paint chip to our local Home Hardware and asked for a color match, but lo and behold we couldn’t get a close enough match. Or maybe I was just being too picky. I ended up choosing a color that fell somewhere between the Newburyport blue and Hale navy. Why not just go with the BM paint in the first place? Because it would’ve cost me $50+ as opposed to the $35 the Beauti-tone paint cost. It’s all about staying in the budget peeps!

The only pitfall about painting a room dark? What you thought were nice bright white baseboards and trim? Yeah, not so much…

While I waited for my paint to dry between coats, I tackled the magnetic chalkboard hanging on one of the walls.

How to turn a magnet into a hockey game board

Using some white vinyl I had on hand from other projects I cut out some decals to mimic a hockey rink game board. Now instead of looking at a plain old magnet chalk board he can visualize game plays….or hang the numerous pictures he draws!

How to turn a chalkboard into a hockey game boardHow to turn a chalkboard into a hockey game board How to turn a chalkboard into a hockey game board

How ’bout that wall color! I’m about halfway through my budget so far and have lucked out a bit as I’ve been able to use a lot of items I already have on hand.

Here’s where we’re at:

  • Drywall mud: $0.00 – had on hand
  • Primer: $0.00 – had on hand
  • Paint and new roller – $48.76
  • Magnet Board: $0.00 – already had hanging
  • White Vinyl: $0.00 – had on hand

Total amount spent so far: $48.76

If you had to go out and buy those items here’s where you’d be at:

  • Drywall mud: $7.99 for a 7kg container
  • Primer: 12.99 for an small can
  • Paint and roller: $48.76
  • Magnet Board: $33.67
  • White Vinyl: $13.89/roll

Total is $117.30

I’d say I’m doing pretty good so far! Til next week my friends! Don’t forget to check out the progress on the other amazing spaces being done!

  • Corinna - ADesignerAtHome
    Mar 19

    The hockey magnetic board is sooooo genius! I love it! And I totally feel you on the baseboard dilemma. I hate how dingy my ceilings look after I paint my walls white.

  • Erin @ Lemons, Lavender, & Laundry
    Mar 20

    Love that navy color. I did the color matching as well since it was 1/2 the price. Gotta stay on budget, right? And the magnetic chalkboard is perfect for this room.

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