$100 Room Challenge: Hockey Bedroom Reveal

$100 Room Challenge - The Reveal

It’s been a race to the finish line, but we made it! Barely. I had full intentions of posting this on the actual reveal day, which was well, Wednesday. Buuuuuuut it was my birthday and I was distracted.

If you’ve only just started following along this room was re-done as a part of the $100 Room Challenge. We had 1 month to redo 1 room with a $100 budget.

So, without having to make you wait much longer here’s a quick reminder of what we started off with. Not bad at all, just needed a refresher!

$100 Room Challenge - Boys Hockey Haven

Now before I give you the finished look I have to say, I am a HUGE fan of light & bright and airy in your home. When it comes to bedrooms though, I want all the moody feels! Dark walls, cozy bedding, mood lighting, you name it, I want it. This room delivers in a huge way!

$100 Room Challenge - The Reveal$100 Room Challenge - The Reveal

$100 Room Challenge - The Reveal

Eric snagged this old style catcher glove that goalies use from his parents house. It’s an awesome addition to display on the new shelves! I made the Hockey sign with wood from my woodpile in the garage. I had all the vinyl and paint on hand, so I didn’t have to spend anything to make it, such a bonus!

$100 Room Challenge - The Reveal

$100 Room Challenge - The Reveal

$100 Room Challenge - The Reveal

The lamp was given as a gift to one of our boys a few Christmas’ ago and has played musical rooms until this makeover happened. Luckily it can now call Tucker’s nightstand its forever home!

The prints were found on Etsy. They came with 5 different downloadable options (chalkboard background, blueprint, graph paper etc.) so I feel like I really got a good bang for my buck with them! I printed them off on some glossy photo paper and mounted them overtop the mat so that they stood out larger. The frames hung in Tucks room prior with some other art I had done. Nothing like being able to use what you already have!

$100 Room Challenge - The Reveal

Originally I was hoping to convert a hockey stick into a wall hanger, but all the sticks we had were missing the blades. So I improvised a bit and took another piece of scrap wood from the old IKEA bed frame and framed it out with some wooden sticks. I lucked out and had just recently acquired the hooks from my parents house. Fun Fact: They are the same hooks that hung in my closet growing up.

$100 Room Challenge - The Reveal

The big question is, did I stay within budget? Let’s see:

  • Drywall mud: $0.00 – had on hand
  • Primer: $0.00 – had on hand
  • Paint and new roller – $48.76
  • Magnet Board: $0.00 – already had hanging
  • White Vinyl: $0.00 – had on hand
  • Shelf Brackets: $21.00 for 2 sets
  • Wood for Shelfs: $0.00 – already had in the scrap pile
  • Hockey Printables from Etsy: $16.44
  • IKEA Frames: $0.00 had on hand
  • Foam Core Board: $0.00 – already had on hand
  • Materials to make sign: $0.00 had on hand
  • Materials to make wall hanger: $0.00 had on hand
  • Hockey Bedding from Sears: $0.00 Tuck received as a Christmas gift
  • Hockey Player lamp: $0.00 previous gift
  • Items on shelves: $0.00 rifled through my cupboard
  • Eat Sleep Hockey Printable: $0.00

Total so far: $86.20

High five for staying under budget! Now granted, I have a lot more on hand than the typical person, but we were able to re-use a lot of items we already had. It very much helped as well that the bedding was pre purchased and the lamp was a gift. Those two items in themselves would have cost around $200.

  • Finish mudding & sanding
  • Prime and paint the walls
  • Touch up baseboards & trim
  • Build some shelves
  • Get or make some hockey inspired wall art to hang
  • DIY a hockey stick hanger
  • clean the junk out of his room!

Don’t forget to check out all the other amazing reveals that happened as well. So much talent in this group and so many great ideas!

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$100 Room Challenge - A Boys Hockey Room Makeover

  • Lisa
    Apr 02

    Chandra first of all happy belated birthday! Second, I love all your clever ideas and DIYs you put into this room! The hooks framed with hockey sticks, that is awesome! And your wood shelves with those cool brackets!!! It all came out so great, love it.

  • Tracy
    Apr 02

    So cool!!!! I love the way it turned out!

  • Kati
    Apr 04

    I love all the details in this room. So cool! And Happy Birthday 🙂

  • Bharati
    Apr 04

    Looks amazing!!

  • Erin @ Lemons, Lavender, & Laundry
    Apr 06

    That blue wall color is so perfect! Love all the great details in here: The prints you found… and that coat hanger framed with hockey sticks 🙂 You did a fantastic job! So glad you joined the challenge, and kudos for staying under budget!

  • Natalie
    Apr 06

    The hooks frame with hockey sticks is my favorite piece! So nice!

  • Ashley ~ 3 Little Greenwoods
    Apr 07

    That wall color is fantastic! It would look great in my boys’ bathroom and bedrooms.

    I love all of the pieces you collected to bring the space together! Great job!

  • Sarah
    Apr 19

    I bet your son loves his “new” space! It looks so cool now. I love the hockey sign!

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