Coffee Talk : 21|03

Where does a person even start?

What an unbelievably overwhelming week this has been.

Mild hysteria and common sense have been feuding non stop in my head since late last week and I’m not sure when it will stop. To wake up each morning and not know what news the day will bring, or what change will happen, is frightening.

I know so many of you are feeling the same thing and I just needed to get ALL these feelings out. The anger of how long it took for actions to be taken, the panic of not knowing when or if there will be a time that we CAN’T leave our homes, the sadness that people aren’t able to provide what they need to for their families due to job layoffs and closures. It’s just so overwhelming. However, most companies carry out exit interviews which can help many workers deal with the transition better. Those leaving their work voluntarily can attend these interviews to get closure. If you are an HR manager, going here would help you learn more about exit interviews that you might need to hold at your workplace.

I started a new job on March 9th, that takes me out of the home. What a time to start a new job hey? My manager sent me a message late last week saying “Remember when I asked if you adapted well to change? This is NOT what I had in mind!”. It gave me a laugh, because who would’ve guessed that something like this would have happened.

I was holding it all together pretty good until Monday rolled around. The Saskatchewan government stated that all schools would be closed effective March 20th. All of a sudden it was very real and the threat of COVID-19 seemed that much closer to home. Tucks amazing teacher sent an email update on Wednesday and she ended it with “I am trying my best for your child”. It makes me cry just writing it out for you, but crying has also become the norm around here. She truly is the best & Tuck has been so fortunate to have these last few months with her. We were so fortunate that our school put together packages for the kids to continue to learn for the months ahead. When I picked them up from the school on Thursday everyone seemed to be in a daze. It was so surreal. So much uncertainty of what this all means and what lies ahead.

It’s so exhausting trying to keep it together. I’ve had to turn the news off because it’s so draining to watch. Pinterest is my go to app, because I can still see all the nice things in the world and remove myself from reality for a bit.

Evening walks have been our saving grace. Irritability levels are lower after we’ve had a good does of fresh air and exercise. Nothing new, obviously. You just take for granted how much action you’re getting throughout a day when kids are in school or you’re running from one activity to another. Tonight, we’ll take some chalk with us on our walk (thanks Jo!) and beautify some of those trails. I challenge you to do the same. Go for a walk and pause to write a message or draw a smiley face, we could all use the extra smiles right now.

’til next week friends! Don’t forget to WASH YO HANDS.

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