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12 Inspiring & Organised Command Centres

Every year I make a silent oath to myself that goes a little something like this: Dear self, this year you will makes lunches the night before. You will be more diligent with utilising the calendar you insist on purchasing every September. You will get school forms in on time. This is the year you will be more ORGANISED. Unfortunately the lunch thing never happens, the calendar gets a B- for effort and can you define organised? If it means constantly searching for forms or texting fellow momma's for info on school events, then I'm excelling. Please tell me you[...]


Fresh Finds in the Living Room

As the seasons take a turn towards warmer weather, fresher air and all the beautiful glory that Spring bestows upon us, it's hard not you want to freshen up your space! It's usually this time of year that I get the itch to throw a new color on the wall, start changing the furniture around or look into some of the stair parts from Pear Stairs to freshen up the appearance of my home without breaking the bank. You slowly come out of hibernation and so does your decor, from cozy muted tones to brighter mood lifting pieces, it's easy to reflect your mood around your ho[...]


For the love of Kitchen Lighting

I'm so excited to share the new lighting above our island with you guys today! I've been wanting to switch out the lights throughout our home for some time now and started with Globe Electrics Vintage Semi Flush Mount Light in our back entry almost a full year ago, look at me so on the ball with this, harhar! The light that hangs over our island isn't so bad, it's just not my style and very often feels too chunky for the space. It gives off soft lighting in the evening and is fairly easy on the eyes throughout the day. My friend told me that there is something[...]


Spring Decor Tips

Spring Decor Tips & Tricks

I was hoping to have this post up earlier for you guys, but holy Dinah, I was hit with the flu. Literally hit, knocked down, had to crawl to the bathroom hit. It was beyond brutal and I'm so thankful it only lasted the day. I don't think my frail old body could take more than a day haha! I've been slowly unearthing our Spring decor. I feel as though I may jinx our nice weather if I bring it out all at once. This year I've totally kiboshed the St. Patty's decor and the Easter stuff is still sitting in its bin downstairs. Here's to hoping some of it makes it's wa[...]


12 Gold DIY’s to Spruce Up Your Space

12 Gold DIY's to Spruce Up Your Space

It's quite easy to add gold touches to your space & decor without having to spend a fortune. There are so many variety's of golden spray paint, craft paint and art mediums that you could change anything you wanted to. Your white ceramic owl, could be spray painted to be your gold ceramic owl. That side table? Gold dip those legs in some metallic paint. That mirror? Get out the gold leaf! You can get that Midas Touch without breaking the bank and by doing it yourself. Whether you are repurposing items you have on hand or thrifting something to add to your c[...]