Sharpie Doodle Easter Eggs

Super Simple Sharpie Doodle Easter Eggs

Sharpie. Doodle. Sounds simple right? I'm all about simple. And mess free. Let's get real though, I have 3 kids. There's hardly such a thing as simple and mess free, it's either one or the other. For example, mornings. Does anyone else dread mornings? Simple = everyone wants Lucky Charms. Mess free? Yeah right, cereal is on the floor, rainbow marshmallows are in Ellie's hair and at least one kid has to change their clothes due to mistaking their shirt for a napkin. Decorating Easter eggs are much the same as my mornings, they may be simple but they are hard[...]


Oh, The Places You’ll Go! Printable

Infuse some Dr. Suess into your room with this free printable!

The first time I heard "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" was in Mrs. Krismer's grade 12 ELA class. I can't remember exactly what we were learning , but she brought the book in and read it to us, almost like a flashback to story time in kindergarten. It stuck with us, so much so. that it even found it's way into our farewell speech at grad. It's a definite classic and a must have for any family book collection! I'm trying to fill the kids rooms with printables that inspire wonder and adventure and imagination and this was the perfect fit for just that. I opted[...]


DIY Tribal Art

  Our gallery walls are going through a sloooooooow transition. I'm still trying to maintain the gallery style but I want to incorporate more art and decor amongst all the frames. It can get pretty costly if you go out and buy new decor to put up, so my goal is to incorporate pieces I can make with items already on hand. This is where being a craft supply hoarder comes in handy! I stained this wooden "Painter's Canvas" (as quoted on the Dollarama packaging) with 2 coats of Provencial Stain by Minwax. It's just slightly larger than a 5x7 picture frame.[...]


Arrow Growth Chart

If you've been on Pinterest at all you've probably had a few oversized ruler growth charts pop up on your feed, am I right? I personally LOVE the idea of this. My mom always measure us in a doorway as we were growing up and she's been doing it with my kids as well. It works perfect for her because she and my dad will be in that home forever and ever. Us on the other hand, well, we're pretty sure this isn't our forever home. We've lived in 4 house since Carter's been born and 2 since Tuck, so marking a doorway didn't work for us, unless we wanted to do a mini reno[...]


Rustic Arrow Sign

This may come as a surprise to you, but I'm going through an arrow phase. Weird right? I LOVE them as a decor element, maybe it's their simplicity or maybe I'm just caught up in a trend. Or perhaps it's because my days seem so disorganized and crazy lately that any kind of direction is welcome and if the arrow points left, then I'm going left!  May & June are our busiest months of the year, which is shocking considering we live, breathe & puke hockey (nice visual, eh?) close to 6 months of the year. So when things are crazy busy I need an outlet, so[...]