DIY Coffee Cup Rack

DIY Coffee Mug Rack

A cup of coffee at 7pm is not an entirely wise idea. You could argue though that it sometimes leads to fun things, like this DIY Coffee Cup Rack! That was the case the other night, an evening coffee lead me to being wide awake and ready to build something at 9pm. What better item to build than a coffee cup rack? This project was very simple and I was able to use some wood that I already had on hand. No special trips to the hardware store for anything. The one I made measures 14" across by 30" long. You can definitely adjust the measurements to make it la[...]


Planked Walls – The Easy Way

Planked walls. You either love them or you hate them. Its a trend that's divided the internet and right when you think it may be making its way out the door, BOOM! Someone goes and paints it black, bringing it right back to the forefront of design. If you follow along with my home adventures on Instagram, you'll remember that I was having problems with a wall in my home. It was this wall. I was tired of the arrows, so figured I would paint over it and all would be well with the world. Well, it all went to hell in a handbag (do people still say that?). The who[...]


Rose Gold Speckled Easter Egg

Speckled Easter Eggs

We are halfway through March & Spring fever is starting to set in in our household! I am so ready to say goodbye to all the snow. I do enjoy winter for the most part, but holy man, does it ever draaaaaag ooooooon. With Easter right around the corner, we are slowly starting to pull out some decor and put our Easter clings on the windows. The kids are in full brainstorm mode for how they want to decorate their eggs this year. I managed to get a head start on egg decorating and want to share these easy speckled Easter eggs with you! If you haven't already d[...]


Dressing a Grandfather clock in Peacoat

A grandfather clock makeover with Country Chic Paint in Peacoat

**This post has been sponsored by Country Chic Paint. All opinions are my own.** Happy Monday! Was today a bit easier to deal with given the time change that happened over the weekend? Luckily I live in Saskatchewan, where we stay on central time 365 days a year! In the spirit on springing forward (or dialing back), I wanted to pop in today and share this beauty of a grandfather clock makeover with you. Last May I found this grandfather clock at a local garage sale. It's price tag was $20 and I had maybe .90 cents in the cupholder of my vehicle. I asked the ow[...]