Clean Ideas & a DIY Citrus Cleaner

We’ve hit a snag with our basement re-do. It’s called ‘not finding the right piece of furniture to accommodate my overall vision’. It’s a struggle, although one that has proving to be more productive than not (can you have a productive struggle?). The whole out of sight out of mind thing? It’s real. It’s how I treat our basement/playroom, I have no need to be down there so when I am it’s like WHOA – a person should probably dust and vacuum down here. Oh and maybe clean the toys that the littlest has decided to slobber all over. I’ve spent the past week purging toys, books & clothes, hoping to feel more organised and less cluttered. Dudes, it’s working.

I’m SLOOOWLY trying to live a greener life and for that reason have been making my own ‘multi-purpose’ cleaner for the past year and a bit. I use it for everyday cleaning & it’s been working GREAT! It’s easy to make, uses items you already have on hand & smells pretty good. And at the end of the day when the littlest is chewing on anything and everything I’m not cringing thinking of all the chemicals she’s ingesting.


  • 32oz Jar (or any size you choose)
  • Peel from 4-5 oranges (eat or juice the peeled oranges, you could always use some extra Vitamin C!)
  • Enough white vinegar to fill your jar

Put your peels into the jar and fill to the brim with vinegar. Let sit in a cool place for 2+ weeks. This allows for the vinegar to extract the orange oils from the peel.

When it’s ready to use, strain to remove the peels and mix 1:1 with water. I like a stronger cleaner so I mix mine 2:1 – orange vinegar:water.

The vinegar acts as a natural disinfectant and the orange peels are a great de-greaser and lend to a better fresher smell. Who wants to smell vinegar all day er’day?!

I’ve wrangled up a few more great ideas for some DIY cleaners below. Enjoy!

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One thought on “Clean Ideas & a DIY Citrus Cleaner

  1. Thanks for the green cleaning receipts! I am always willing to learn new cleaning ways, especially if is about replacing the chemical products.

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