Spooky Fall Porch Decor

You know what I love? Wraparound porches on houses. LOVE THEM.

We don’t have one, but if we ever build you can guarantee one will be on the house.

What we do have is a tiny little porch that might hold 2/3 of a bistro set. It may not be big enough to relax and swing on, but it is big enough for some seasonal decoration love!

I’ve been having so much fun the past couple of years decorating our front porch to reflect the seasons and this year Tuck jumped in and helped give me a hand. We didn’t add anything new this year, except maybe a few more gourds and pumpkins. My parents grew a crazy amount of different pumpkins and gourds this year, so we really lucked out in that department. We have close to double what’s outside, scattered around the inside of the house!

I’ve had the fall inspired wreath for s long, that I’m not even sure where it originated from. Every now and again I’ll add more leaves, or pinecones to help fill it out better, but otherwise it’s pretty much the same it’s been since forever.

Eric brought home the old milk jug a couple of years ago and we always fill it with wheat or barley that we snagged from his uncle’s field. Nothing screams fall in Saskatchewan like some grains incorporated into your decor! Some “cobwebs” from the dollar store help add some spook to it all and it sticks great to the stucco.

It’s a little bit of Harvest and a little bit of spook all rolled into one!
HalloweenPorch8 HalloweenPorch2 HalloweenPorch6 HalloweenPorch3 HalloweenPorch4 HalloweenPorch5 HalloweenPorch7 HalloweenPorch1 HalloweenPorch

Do you love Halloween? What do you do to decorate and add some spook to your space?


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