Arrow Necklace Holder

If you’re like me you probably own necklaces. Long, short, pendant, chunky, I’m guessing you have a few of each! If you’re as indecisive as me, choosing a necklace can be difficult. There are so many beautiful options! What do you do with them all though? Most people will put them away in a safe place like a trinket or a jewellery box, but what if you want to show them off? I don’t know about you but my jewellery has always meant a lot to me and I don’t want to hide it away! Especially my Personalized Name Necklace! The question is, how to make a jewellery hanger on your wall look sophisticated and dainty. You search for ideas on how to make an inexpensive necklace holder, then when you stumble upon that golden idea you high five yourself. Why? Because nothing beats easy afternoon projects, that’s why. Especially when they translate into something not just pretty but also useful! Here’s the inspiration:

(null)//Lemonade Makin Mama//

Gorg right? And ARROWS, who isn’t into arrows right now?!

I used a 1″ dowel rod that I picked up from Home Hardware for around $4 and cut it down to 21″. Mark the centre on each end and then draw a line from one end to the other. This will help when you’re putting your hooks in and also when you cut your ends. If you’re using a thicker dowel you’ll want to pre-drill your holes just for ease. Initially I hadn’t & I ended up breaking a couple of the hooks trying to twist them in, the wood was pretty tough. I used 5 hooks, spaced 3″ apart with 4.5″ on each end. I also added a drop of carpenters glue into the hole before screwing the hooks in, those suckers aren’t going anywhere!

DSC_2371I then used the table saw to cut around 2″ up on either end where my lines were. Do this to both ends. Make sure that this line lines up with the holes you’ve drilled, you want your hooks to be hanging down.

DSC_2373I did a quick sand of the edges that I cut to get rid of any splinters and to give it a more finished look. I had some Rustoleum Metallic spray paint in Oil Rubbed Bronzed kicking around just begging to be used, so once I screwed the hooks in I sprayed the whole thing 4-5 times until it was covered.

DSC_2380While waiting for it to dry, I started on the arrowhead & fletching. That’s right, the back-end of the arrow is called the fletching, this post is crafty and educational. And I’d be lying if I didn’t say I googled the proper terminology for it! I used a heavier cardboard to freehand the forms on and then cut them out. I did the same with some cardstock and glued the two together. You’ll see in the picture below that I dry brushed some gold craft paint around the edge just because I like to do things like that.
DSC_2347 DSC_2351
Once the dowel was dried completely I used my hot glue gun to adhere the arrowhead and fletching. I put the glue on the back of each and then slid them into the ends and held them there until it was dried. Just for good measure I put a bead of glue around where the cardboard and the dowel met on the back. I gave the ends a couple of sprays with the oil rubbed bronze to tie them in better with the dowel and was much happier with the overall effect. In order to hang it on the wall, I drilled two holes – one behind the arrowhead and one behind the fletching. I had some eyehooks on hand and just screwed them into each hole, this way it will distribute the weight evenly and you won’t have to worry about hanging an even amount of necklaces on either end!

DSC_2468 DSC_2459 Here’s a secret: this was the second one I made. The first one had the hooks coming out the front and I didn’t like how it wanted to lean forward so much. It made more sense to me to have them coming off the bottom, so that is what I ultimately went with. Can you tell I’m kinda into the blue/greens and golds?!

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