Playroom Makeover – Part 1

The basement of our home is our dedicated “kid zone”. It’s where toys go to be thrown and loved all at the same time and where socks go to lose their partners. Yet, for such a fun space it feels so…..blah.

Enter the great basement makeover challenge. The rules are that I complete the makeover in a week’s time and that I spend as little $$$ as possible doing so. Easier said than done. There are just so many things that need to be included in the room that I can’t help but feel that spending more money than I would like is definitely on the cards. However, some things require me to spend money. Because this is the basement, as you can imagine, it can get cold relatively quickly, so we need to make sure our heating system is operating as it should. Regular maintenance, from somewhere like https://summersphc.com/franklin/services/heating/furnace-tune-up/, is, of course, necessary in making sure that our kids don’t get too cold when they are playing in the basement. With this comes money though, and it has never been so important for us to budget.

You can budget with the best intentions in the world but, more often than not, you tend to exceed and stretch it the more ideas you have that you’re unwilling to comprimise on… If you find yourself in this sort of financial situation where you could do with an additional hand in giving your budget that boost needed to pull off your ambitious home improvement projects, you could consider loans designed for this specific purpose which you can learn about here – https://www.sofi.com/personal-loans/home-improvement-loans/. Here’s what I started off with – don’t mind the mess it’s a regular occurrence with 3 kids, I’m sure you can relate! Oh Hey kid’s art display!DSC_2404 DSC_2403 DSC_2405 DSC_2402It’s like Hurricane Child has gone through every time I look down there, which is probably why I just quit looking.

First things first, some color infusion. When we painted our kitchen I had originally picked out a color called Irish Sea. It was blue/green with hints of grey in the paint chip. On the wall and in the natural sunlight it took on way more of a green tinge, and was not at all what I was looking for in a kitchen color. We ended up choosing a new color altogether & Irish Sea was banished to the furnace room to sit with all the other cans of paint. If you are looking for some good quality paint and beautiful wallpaper then you may want to check out Toronto paint & wallpaper store to purchase some goods for your walls and redesign your house to turn it into your dream home!

Little did it know at the time, but months later Irish Sea would in fact make its debut. I was inspired to do horizontal lines by a friend who had done the same to one of her spaces a few months ago, it looked great and felt like it would be little effort for a great impact. I made my lines 12″ & 18″ apart repeating until I reached the top. I knew I wanted the 18″ portion to be Irish Sea so I masked the lines below and above the 18″ markings on the wall & went to town with my roller. DSC_2425 DSC_2428Funny how it works but the color turned out looking more blue than green in the downstairs lighting. I worried a bit that it would look “off” because the base color was done in semi-gloss and the Irish Sea was done in eggshell (to the point where I was frantically Googling to find someone like this Electrician in Joshua Tree who might be able to come and put in some better lighting), but it actually turned out looking great. A little faux finish look without all the labor!

DSC_2453Oh the fingerprints! Talk about a losing battle. 4 days left until my deadline and still a whole bunch to do! It’s a start though, wouldn’t you say?!

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