Fabric Flowers

Netflix is going to be the death of me. I mean, I’ve already watched season 3 of “Suits” (Helloooooooo Harvey!) so why do I feel that once the kids are in bed I have to binge watch it again?

The only productive thing that came of it were these STELLAR fabric flowers! Even better, NO FUSS fabric flowers – say that fast 10 times ;).


Check out that awesome fabric! I went walking through Fabricland a couple of weeks ago and I absolutely fell in love with the new fabrics they had just gotten – sorry, I can’t for the life of me remember what line it is. But I’ll describe it, numerous patterns all in mints, dark grey’s and GOLD!!!! I know, I almost died. Christmas in February, haha! My intentions were to make some cute summer dresses, but I couldn’t wait & had to use some NOW. So Fabric Flowers it was.

There are so many tutorials for these out there, I found this one is the least involved, no stringing fabric, no threading a needle, just a girl and her glue gun!

I made two different kinds, both super simple & all you need is fabric, scissors and as mentioned before, a glue gun. I didn’t really keep track of how many ‘petals’ I was making as I needed a whole bunch of flowers made. You don’t want to use anything less than 6 ‘petals’ for a medium-sized flower but could definitely add more for a fuller look.

Take a strip of fabric and fold it over itself a few times. If you have a circle template you could use it now, or do as I did and just freehand cut a circle. If you’re cutting the circle freehand, it might look a little bit scruffy at the sides, but that’s ok. Of course, if you want perfectly cut fabric, it might be better to visit https://www.accuquilt.com/fabric-cutting-machines.html, for example, to find a fabric cutting machine. That would cut the pieces a lot more effectively. This is up to you. Either method will work.

Take your circle and fold it in half, take one corner and fold it 1/3rd of the way to the back and take the opposite corner and fold it 1/3rd of the way towards the front. It should look like this:


Put a dab of hot glue inside the two individuals folds and hold it until it’s cooled – Yes your fingers may get burnt in the process. No pain, no gain. Once you’ve finished you should a bunch that look like so:


At his point you’ll want to cut a circle the size of a loonie in some felt, or if you don’t have felt you could use a piece of fabric. You don’t see this piece in the end, you’re using it to glue your petals down. Glue your petals down with the tip to the centre of the felt and continue around until filled. I then took a smaller different colored petal I had done and repeated the same thing in the centre. I used some gems I had on hand to finish off the middle with and add some bling. Who doesn’t like bling?


The second one I made was even easier if you can believe it! Take a strip of fabric roughly 8″ long. Keep in mind the thicker the width the bulkier your flower will be. Tie a know at the very end of fabric, like so:


Glue the knot down onto your felt circle. From there take your fabric and twist, once twisted glue it down to your felt in a circle surrounding the knot.


Once you’ve reached the end of the fabric glue the tip under the flower to give it a finished look. Ta-da!, Easy right?


wreath8 wreath9

You can use these for so many different things, glue one onto a clip for a cute hairclip, glue one to a headband to give it some life, add to a canvas for some spring home decor or attach to a wreath to liven it up a bit! Enjoy!


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