Fathers Day Shenanigans

Hey, hey! How was your weekend? Do anything fun and exciting to celebrate the dads in your life?

We packed up the camper and headed out to our local Provincial Park to spend the weekend with some friends. Ahhhh so peaceful looking right? Deceiving though, it was actually rainy and cloudy for the better part of Saturday. We were able to enjoy the park Saturday afternoon, as you can tell from the following photo…

Sunday we woke up to great weather and a ton of sunshine, perfect start to Fathers Day! After a gourmet meal of Cinnamon Toast Crunch for the kids & toasted cinnamon bread with peanut butter for us we tried our hand at some mini golfing.
Mini golfing with an almost 2 year is like taking a monkey home from the circus. A complete Gong Show. Balls were being thrown, clubs were thrown, tears were shed, it was super relaxing! If the kids ever take to golfing in the future, I would definitely not think twice before investing in a golfing simulation software like Uneekor to help them get better at it! But for now, mini-golf it is!

We had to be checked out of our site by noon, so we packed up and headed to our family cabin (which is on the way home) camper and boat in tow. My parents were out there so it was nice to be able to spend the day with my dad. He does so much for us & is such a hard working man, the kids are so lucky to have him as ‘Papa’. Maybe one of these days I should do something thoughtful for him, like buy him a personalized photo blanket with some of his favorite pictures on it, and some other things that make him happy, just as a way of saying thanks!

Our day was cut a bit short due to some ominous looking rain clouds that rolled in. Nothing like a little rain to kill a nice summer day. Although I shouldn’t complain, we really do need the rain!

The boys made some pretty awesome gifts at school for Eric & I was so glad they did because I didn’t get a chance to whip much up in time this year…oops! I did however manage to get a hilarious bobblehead that looked just like him as a little joke from the kids, did you know that you could custom your own bobbleheads? Because I didn’t before I stumbled upon it online!

Tucker made the Superhero & Carter made the bird feeder.

Super cute hey! If I was a teacher I would probably end up spending the whole time teaching arts and crafts. We’d take field trips to Michael’s and garage sale every week. Don’t worry I’d throw some math in there too – “What is the cost if you apply this 40% off Michaels coupon to $39.99?”. It works, right?!!

Hope your day was as great as ours. High five to all the dads!

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