Well Hello Thunderbird

The evolution of color on a door

Not the car, sorry to disappoint. This is a about a door and some color, although it would be pretty great to go for a ride in one of those old beauties, I could channel my inner Sandra Dee (wrong generation?).

Anyhow, a few posts back I talked about introducing color into your home by painting your doors….welp, I finally took my own advice! I had the intention of doing it when I wrote the post, it was just a matter of deciding which door…and which color.

When I painted the arrow pattern on our wall, it was pretty much decided for me which door needed to be painted.


I wasn’t digging the whole white on white on white (wall, frame, door) and felt that the door was a bit lost. Dilemma 1 – solved, now for the hard part. Choosing the right color. Welllllll as I was browsing through Pinterest one day I stumbled upon a pin that featured a color named Thunderbird by Benjamin Moore & I started crushing hard. It’s not from the new collection of colors but last years collection, thankfully our local retailer was able to pull out an old deck card and from then I was sold.

The conversation I had with Eric when I got home went like this:

Me: “I’m going to paint the door”

E: “No you aren’t, doors and trim stay white, they’re off-limits. Paint something else.”

Me (as I opened the color): “Seriously, its called Thunderbird, you’ll love it. I promise.”

E: “No. I had a room that color when I was a kid, not happening.”

Me: “Seriously. You had a blue called Thunderbird in your room as a kid? I doubt it.”

E: “It was called something else, but yeah, it was that blue.”

Conversation over. Eric goes to the garage to putter around and I paint the door. I always win. And the strongest point in my argument? It’s just paint, we can always paint over it. You can’t argue that!

So HELLOOOOO Thunderbird!

Door door3 door1

Oh. And I spray painted the door handle in Oil Rubbed Bronze well, just because.

Not gonna lie, it’s blue.┬áBut, it’s exactly that pop of color I needed to see. Ba da ba ba ba, I’m lovin’ it!


  • Rachele
    Jun 04

    100% better!! love it!!

    • Chandra
      Jun 04

      Me too! Brightens it up so much!

  • Amanda Sten
    Jun 04

    Whoa! That is AWESOME! Well you have inspired me. Can you come over to help me pick colours? Lol

    • Chandra
      Amanda Sten
      Jun 04

      Anytime!! Perfect excuse for a road trip!

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    Jun 13

    […] hey! If you’ve been hanging around for a bit, you’ll remember I painted one of our interior doors a beautiful blue called Thunderbird […]

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