Birthday Sweets

Yesterday our littlest munchkin turned 2! Honestly, I’m still trying to digest it. There’s so much personality wrapped up in that little body of hers, she’s a sweet tornado with a ponytail.

What better way to celebrate a sweetheart with some serious Minnie Mouse inspired treats? 

I’m a lover of the ombré look & also a lover of quick and easy. The result of this was Ellie’s birthday cake. It was my first attempt at ombré icing and I would’ve liked the colours to have blended better together, but overall it turned out pretty good! It was a 3 layer 9″ round with an upper and lower layer of chocolate cake and a pink middle layer (surprise!). The icing is a simple buttercream. 

Side note, my brain is so engrained with boy birthday parties that it seemed so foreign to see pink everything all over the kitchen! 

The Minnie Mouse inspired Oreo pops are so much fun! They were really simple, although a touch more time consuming than expected, to make. A chocolate dipped Oreo with pink icing? You can’t go wrong with that. 

Lastly, but most definitely not least, some pink cupcakes with chocolate icing will cap off the remainder of our celebrations tonight at the lake with some more cousins! 

 If that doesn’t get your sweet tooth watering, I’m not sure what will! 

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