Light it up 

Most days I feel like I’m a fearless DIY’er. Today is one of those days. I managed to change a light fixture without shorting anything out or burning anything down. This is HUGE people, I normally shy away from things that have to do with electrical or plumbing. There’s reasons why people go to school to learn that stuff. 

All the light fixtures in our home have a general theme. Hammered silver finish with ‘cloudy’ glass. They are nice and in great shape, they just aren’t my style. What is my style? Great question; it’s a mish mash of everything! Right now my ‘style’ includes these beauty lights that I found at Home Hardware.  

It’s a costly thing to change all the fixtures out at once, especially when our home has 14 of them that range from boob style to chandelier style. Where’s my winning lotto ticket? So, the plan is to slowly switch them out with the hopes that they all match sooner rather than later. 

I started in our back entry.  

See the light? It’s not too bad, and I think you could describe it as a nipple-less boob light. It was quite simple to switch it out & now that it’s been done, I’m not entirely sure why I was so intimidated to do it before! I even had Carter snap a pic so I could show Eric how handy I’ve become!  

As you’ve probably noticed, I will now need to re-paint my ceilings. Ugh. At least the light looks good!   

I really like the overall look it gives to the space. My favourite part though is the Edison Bulb, they hold so much character. The mount has an oil rubbed bronze finish which ties in great with the hardware on the doors. Small changes can make such a large impact.

 Have you conquered an intimidating DIY lately?  

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  • Ivory
    May 29

    Wow, my hats off to you. Not only do your light look beautiful, but installing it, we’ll, you go girl. I wish I could install a light.

    • Chandra
      May 29

      It’s so much easier than you would think!

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