Fall Mantle

Welcome! Autumn made it’s way into our home over the past couple of days and today I’ll be sharing our ever-changing fireplace mantle. Our fireplace is in the corner of our living room and can sometimes be a challenge with decor & furniture placement as it also houses our TV. Eric built a shelf out of reclaimed wood shortly after we moved in so that the TV sits higher and we’re able to decorate around it better. Even with all the seasonal decor though, it can still feel very bare. I’ve been tossing around different ideas for what we can do to add some more character to the corner, but I’m honestly stuck. Painting the mantle is a definite possibility with maybe some sort of feature wall of sorts going up behind where the TV sits. What type of feature wall? Not sure, struggling here people! With that being said, any suggestions are welcome!

On to the decor!

I opted for a more neutral pallet this year with the decor and tried to incorporate more texture rather than color. Keeping a neutral pallet allowed me to use numerous textures, from corn husks, grapevine & glass to warty gourds & burlap, without having everything look disassociated with the other. I love the result of it all!


I used an old BC Fruit crate that I snagged at a garage sale as a base for my succulent and gourds. The weathered wood on the crate helps tie it in with the burlap and reclaimed wood shelf.  My shadow box pumpkin looks right at home with all the other pumpkins!

FallMantle1 FallMantle6 FallMantle4 FallMantle8

I can’t get enough of these corn husk and twine pumpkins. I found them at Michael’s for 60% off, but how easy would they be to make?!

FallMantle5 FallMantle7


That wraps it up. Simple, neutral, & loving it! Happy Fall ya’ll!

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