When teal goes bad – A Bathroom Makeover Story

Sometimes, good paint choices go bad. They really, really do. I’ve always loved the look of a deep teal color and knew that I would one day have a room in this color. Well, the first room I painted in our home was our main floor bathroom & it was painted deep teal. At first thought I KNEW this would be the perfect space for it. It wasn’t a large room, you could easily close the door if it was too much and who didn’t want to do their business in a dark brooding room?

There were three HUGE problems with this choice. Number one was that the color did not in any way match the color of the countertops, cupboards, or flooring. Maybe I should have started afresh by removing the flooring. I could have then hired services such as foundation repair in Southern IL or the ones like them in the vicinity who might have inspected any unevenness in the floor and if found, they could have repaired it. Anyways, I didn’t care though, I figured I’d make it work and everyone would fall in love with it and want to use our bathroom. Ugh, we ended up recovering the countertop so that it would match and it took a REALLY long time for me to like it. We lucked out when later down the line we had some flooring issues and had to replace the flooring on our main floor with entirely new floors, so at least the counter and floors matched. 2/4 isn’t a bad thing. Don’t believe me? Well here it is.

Bathroom2 Bathroom1 BathroomIt looks pretty blue in the pictures but it was kinda more green tinged. Not all bad, but it honestly felt like you were doing your business in a dungeon. I’m more of a do-my-business-in-a-spa-setting type of gal. So initially, I regretted doing the makeover on my own. I thought, if I had hired a bathroom renovator, I could have told him my requirements, and he would have either told me or warned me not to use this color. But we have to move on, though, don’t we? In any case, I’ve decided to think very carefully the next time I consider remodeling my bathroom. Furthermore, a friend of mine suggested that I match the sink with the rest of the bathroom. The color of the sink could either be a contrast or something similar. However, in order for this to happen, I would need to contact a plumbing company in Calabasas – City Plumbing and Rooter or another one similar in my area to do the installation. Anyway, that’s for another time!

I’ve been on this huge white kick lately. I used to despise white walls in a house and had the mindset that every room should be painted a bold color. I’m starting to think that I’m maturing a bit since that first basement suite I painted when I was 19. I’m so incredibly drawn to clean crisp white and off-white walls flooded with natural light lately, I just want everything to be white! It was no surprise when I found myself staring at the off-white paint chips trying to decide which one to go with. I settled on a color called Turkish Tower by Beauti-tone. Because the teal was so dark and I was covering it with white I knew I would need to prime beforehand. Once I started chatting with the lady at the paint counter and she told me about the ‘newer’ Natura line of paint that is a paint and primer in one. I whipped out my phone and showed her the color I would be going over and she didn’t even hesitate with “Not a problem” . Well ok then, sold!


That is what one coat of paint looked like….freakin’ nuts hey! I was blown away with how the coverage was. I’ve painted with Primer & Paint combo’s before and some have been so-so, others have been meh, but this one was a definite winner! 2 coats of this beauty paint and the bathroom was a go. I told you last week how I painted my bathroom cabinets a moody grey called ‘Hearth stone’, well the wall color comes from the same color family so it was great to see it come together off of the paint chips.

Some of the other small changes I made were to the light fixture and wall fixtures. I’m not crazy about out light fixture but I’m also not ready to shell out big $$$ to start replacing all the bathroom ones (they all match). They are definitely livable, as were the towel hanger and toilet paper holder, so instead of replacement I whipped out my trusty friend. Rustoleum spray paint in Oil Rubbed Bronze, I put that **** on everything, haha! But seriously, I do, it’s the best makeover you can give an item without breaking the bank. I sprayed all the fixtures with a few light coats until the items were fully covered then once they had all dried out really good, reinstalled them all on my now dry, freshly painted walls. You guys. I LOVE IT.

BathroomAfter5 BathroomAfter8 BathroomAfter

This mirror has come full circle since I initially purchased it 7+ years ago! The frame is originally black, but I had painted it white and then applied silver leafing over top in order to have it match our decor at the time. Now it’s back to its dark side, just this time in oil rubbed bronze!

BathroomAfter7 BathroomAfter2 BathroomAfter1

I was stuck for a bit with what kind of decor I wanted to put in here. My first thought was color! I need color! But the more I looked around the more I was drawn to a black and white palet…until I found these cute printables over at Petite Modern Life! They are the perfect pop of color paired with some Ikea Ribba 5×7 Picture Frame. Black. Set of 2” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>black IKEA frames, yet aren’t in your face, look-at-me look-at-me. Some art & a shell from a trip to Mexico & my awesome faux IKEA plant that goes absolutely anywhere I put it round off the rest of the minimal decor.


And because we all love a good BEFORE & AFTER, here you go!


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