16 Awesome Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

16 Awesome Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

Is it just me or February completely fly by?! I can’t believe we’re already into March. This is our busy month, between our two families we have 5 birthdays to celebrate, 2 hockey tournaments, and Easter! I’ll probably need a holiday from celebrating by the time it’s all over.

Easter decor is out in full swing in all of the stores and it’s so hard to resist all those mini eggs. My will power has a hard time standing up to my sweet tooth. Short survey, which do you prefer: Cadbury Mini Eggs or Hershey’s Eggies? We are team Mini Eggs ALL. THE. WAY. You can’t even compare. Regardless of the chocolate, I will most likely enjoy it. This Easter, I have decided to present a few of my family members with Easter gifts. I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but I just know they will be shocked to see what I have for them. I felt like keeping it for myself when I saw it! Maybe next year, I might consider buying one just for myself. There’s no harm is getting yourself a little treat once in a while.

One of our favourite things to do around Easter is to decorate some eggs. Normally we boil eggs and dye them but in recent years they’ve started coming out with dyeable eggs. Talk about convenient! I mean, I love a hardboiled egg, but when you do a dozen at a time? There’s only so much egg salad a girl can stomach.

I’ve rounded up some of the best ways to decorate Easter eggs, and I mean THE BEST. They are so good you’ll be wondering how you didn’t think of them yourselves!

16 Awesome Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs



Tattoo Easter Eggs || Uncommon Designs


Shaving Cream Easter Eggs || Crafty Morning


Sharpie Easter Eggs || Cutesy Crafts


Golf Leaf Easter Eggs || DIY Candy


Gold Animal Easter Eggs || Flax & Twine


Galaxy Easter Eggs || Dream a Little Bigger


Pineapple Easter Eggs || Studio DIY


Coloring Easter Eggs || Unsophisticook


Emoji Easter Eggs || Studio DIY


Glitter Easter Eggs || Girl Inspired


Marbled Indigo Eggs || Alice and Lois


Floral Easter Eggs || Dream a Little Bigger


Easter Foliage Eggs || Say Yes


Baker’s Twine Eggs || Landee See Landee Do


Typography Easter Eggs || Lovely Indeed


Gold Striped Eggs || Delineate Your Dwelling


Those emoji ones are killing me! I’m definitely going to have to give those a shot this year. What’s your favourite way to decorate eggs?



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Dye-less Easter Eggs

easter3 (640x424)

Easter Mantle


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  • Jody
    Mar 06

    Beautiful eggs one and all. I might have to boil a couple. Love the dyeless blue ones. Happy Easter everyone.

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