Dream Big, Darlin’

Simple "Dream Big, Darlin'" Sign

On the topic of dreams…. I was hoping to tweak this post and have it up for you earlier today BUT, I was distracted by the fact that Garth Brooks tickets went on sale in our area and WE’RE GOING! Talk about a dream come true! I can hardly contain my excitement. Garth was the bff I had but never met throughout my childhood and teenage years.  It’s going to be a steady stream of country music listening in our house from now ’til June 10th.

Now, as I adjust the volume on “Callin’ Baton Rouge” I have to say, WalMart has really started expanding their craft section and I’M LOVING IT! We’re just over an hour away from the nearest Michaels and there is virtually no stores in our little city that cater to the creative crafter. We have WalMart, Dollar Tree and Dollarama, that’s it. The selection can be limited at times that’s for sure.

I was surprised to find these plaques and frames last time I was there. There were only a couple dollars each so I grabbed a few because it’s always better to have a stockpile of crafting supplies rather than none at all. I’m sure Eric would disagree with me on that one.

Simple "Dream Big, Darlin'" Sign

I gave the plaque a couple of coats of chalk paint using Linen White by Rustoleum Chalked line. Once it was dried up I sanded it down with a 400 grit sand paper to make it super smooth. The frame was painted with DecoArt’s Maxx Gloss paint in Juicy Melon. I’m so in love with the vibrancy of that color! Using Carpenters Glue, I smeared a generous amount on the backside of the frame and then centered it over the plaque.

Simple "Dream Big, Darlin'" Sign Simple "Dream Big, Darlin'" Sign

I used clamps to help keep the frame on the plaque because the ‘wood’ is so thin that as soon as I painted it, it wanted to warp a bit. The clamps helped keep it flattened.

Simple "Dream Big, Darlin'" Sign

Using my Cricut Explore I made this “Dream Big Darlin’” decal using the Amberlight (my fave) font and cutting it on gold vinyl. Using transfer paper I centered the decal in the middle of the frame and pressed it down so that my letters stuck to the plaque.

Simple "Dream Big, Darlin'" Sign

I sloooooowly peeled off the transfer paper and it was finished! Instead of using a hook or hanger, I opted to use a 3M strip velcro strip on the back. They are the bomb.com. when applied correctly they leave no damage to your wall or the piece you’re hanging, win-win!

Ellie has this little nook behind her door where we hang her towel and dresses and girlie things. I put the plaque just above the hooks so that she can see it on the daily. As much of a smarty pants as she is, reading isn’t something she can do yet, but as she grows and learns she’ll see it and know to dream big!

Simple "Dream Big, Darlin'" Sign Simple "Dream Big, Darlin'" Sign Simple "Dream Big, Darlin'" Sign

I’m such a sucker for gold! I’ve been putting pops of the juicy melon color throughout her room and it really works well with her wall color. We just have a few more touches to add and then I’ll be able to share her full room makeover with you! It’s been such a slow process, due to not finding what I want and refusing to settle on some items, but we’re just about there! In the meantime, she’s loving her big girl bed and all her “pwetty things”.

Simple "Dream Big, Darlin'" Sign Simple "Dream Big, Darlin'" Sign

Have a great weekend lovelies and Dream Big!

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