Painted Flamingo Easter Eggs 

Handpainted Flamingo Easter Eggs

Hello lovelies!

Handpainted Flamingo Easter Eggs

The sun has been shining and all the snow is melted in our area of the world (I think!). It rained over the past weekend and it was so refreshing. I love the smell of rain, especially the feeling of freshness that it brings. The good weather hasgiven me some motivation & I’ve been slowly changing up my décor around the home to give a more spring like feel to it. With that being said, I managed to dig out our box of Easter decorations.

As I was sifting through items I found some dye-able plastic Easter eggs that I had picked up at the Dollar Store last year. I always like to keep a couple of packs on hand just in case I ever need them! I’ve been decorating these eggs for a couple years now and they are so fun and versatile to use. Last year I took a sharpie to them and doodled away to my hearts content. This year I was a touch more in summer mode with them. To be totally honest, I’m on a flamingo kick right now. Flamingo’s on napkins, flamingo’s on towels, flamingo stationary. You name it, I want it!

Using a couple of shades of pink, as well as white & black, I painted some flamingo’s in different stances on a few of the eggs. You have no idea how nice it was to just sit and paint for a bit! I rarely take the time to break out the paint supplies anymore, but the sun was shining, the house was quiet and I needed a break from the never ending laundry pile.

Handpainted Flamingo Easter Eggs

We’re hosting Easter supper in a couple of weeks so these will be a fun addition to our tablescape.

Handpainted Flamingo Easter Eggs Handpainted Flamingo Easter Eggs Handpainted Flamingo Easter Eggs Handpainted Flamingo Easter Eggs

She’s my fave!

Handpainted Flamingo Easter Eggs

Do you paint? I find it to be so soothing & therapeutic. Challenge yourself this week and pick up a paintbrush, you’ll be amazed at what you end up with!





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