Rose Gold Speckled Easter Egg

Speckled Easter Eggs

We are halfway through March & Spring fever is starting to set in in our household! I am so ready to say goodbye to all the snow. I do enjoy winter for the most part, but holy man, does it ever draaaaaag ooooooon.

With Easter right around the corner, we are slowly starting to pull out some decor and put our Easter clings on the windows. The kids are in full brainstorm mode for how they want to decorate their eggs this year. I managed to get a head start on egg decorating and want to share these easy speckled Easter eggs with you!

If you haven’t already discovered these dye-able plastic eggs at your local Dollar Tree/Dollarama then you’ve been missing out! They are mess free – as in, if you drop it you won’t have a broken egg mess. Also, if you have a child with sticky fingers & they decide one would look great in their room with all their other treasures, you won’t get that rotten egg smell ?.

Rose Gold Speckled Easter Eggs

This project is super simple and other than the eggs, you won’t need any fancy craft supplies. I used acrylic paint I had on hand, in pink, minty green and rose gold.

Rose Gold Speckled Easter Eggs

I watered down my colours to the point where it was just coloured water. Once I had the right consistency I painted the eggs.  Because of the consistency of the paint, it showed darker in some spots and lighter in others. When all the eggs were painted, you can set them aside to dry. Once dried, I wet another brush and dipped it in some rose gold paint. I ran my thumb along the edge of the brush in order to flick the paint onto the eggs and create the speckled effect. It’s a bit messy, so watch where you’re doing it! If you find your paint isn’t loose enough, water it down a bit until you find the right consistency.

Rose Gold Speckled Easter Eggs

When your specks have dried, your eggs are ready to admire!

Speckled Easter EggsSpeckled Easter Eggs Speckled Easter Eggs

The speckled pastel look fits beautifully with my Easter décor. By layering your paint can get a customized look in whichever color you choose.

Speckled Easter EggsSpeckled Easter EggsSpeckled Easter Eggs

Beautiful décor doesn’t have to be expensive, you can create customized looks on your own for dollars less then what can be bought in the store. Let me know what you’re crafting in the comments!

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