No Drama Llama Party

I'm trying to hold on to the last straws of warm weather, so I was hoping that by posting about our littlest littles summer llama themed birthday party, I would feel warmer. It's not working. If I'm being honest, I've completely lost the wind in my sails when it comes to hosting kids parties. The oldest kid got the best of me party-wise. By the time the 3rd came along, all the gusto was gone. Terrible, I know.  Luckily, we found some fun llama themed decorations at Wal-Mart and managed to pull together a fun party without breaking the bank! The forecast[...]


Retro Shelf Revamp

Retro Shelf Makeover with Country Chic Paint in Jiggity

Each year the church ladies hold a large garage sale 3 doors down from us. It's a total win/win for me. I can scope out the goods before the sale starts, then sneak over on my way to work in the morning! I lucked out when I found this retro shelf there! It was just sitting there, in all its retro glory, calling my name! This piece was definitely unique. The top was pressboard with a faux grain laminate top, which led me to assume that the whole thing was built that way. Once I started sanding it down I realised that the body was solid wood, only the top[...]


10 Must Haves When Camping With Boys

Camping is one of our go-to summer activities. There is something about pulling the camper out to a treed in space, with a lake nearby & living a simpler life for a few days. I know a couple of friends who would take an RV battery for their RV with them but I prefer not to, I like the simplicity of camping and not having to worry about the rising and falling insurance prices from services like One Sure Insurance. One of the first "trips" that Eric and I took as a couple was on a family camping trip out to Loon Lake with his family. We tried to do it every summe[...]


Fresh Mustard & Liquorice: A China Cabinet Makeover

China Cabinet to Entertainment Stand Makeover

I might sound like a broken record, but you guys. The makeover I'm sharing with you today is AMAZING. Honestly, I've been exploring bolder hues on furniture and wondering why I didn't do it sooner! **This post is sponsored by Country Chic Paint, the opinions given are my own. You can see my full disclosure here** This poor china cabinet has been sitting in my garage for 18+ months. My plan from the start was to convert it to a TV cabinet....but what color do I go with? I was browsing through the color selection online at Country Chic Paint and kept going b[...]


Customize Your Own Outdoor Mat

After what felt like the longest winter EVER, summer has finally arrived! Morning coffee on the deck is a regular thing and evenings spent outdoors with friends are in full swing. In past years, a lot of focus was put on our yard and getting it to where we wanted it to be. We pulled dead shrubs out, planted fresh new ones, added some poured curbing to give our yard some appeal and rebuilt our raised garden. This year, my focus is our deck! It's sturdy, it was built right, but it's always lacked some character. This quick project is a jump start to make it a warm[...]