Chalky Finish Sofa Table

Hey, hey, happy Monday! Holy smokes though, literally. The fires are burning hard up North and we’re definitely starting to see the effects of it, such a smoky morning this morning. I can’t imagine being in the thick of it , working in insurance we always see the after effects of fire & smoke damage. It’s definitely NOT something I ever want to experience firsthand.

On a lighter note though, I have great furniture makeover for you today. This is the first time I’ve used only DecoArt Chalky Finish paint & I have to say I’m super impressed with the finished look!

I found this sofa table on a Buy & Sell page and thought it would be a good piece to revamp for Ellie’s room.

At one point it had a hutch that sat on top so there were 3 holes on either side where it attached. I filled them with wood filler and sanded them down smooth. I used ‘yesteryear’ in the Chalky Finish, which is a light gray and then mixed a bit of the same with ‘everlasting’ which is a creamy white. I ended up with a super light gray that went perfect with the yesteryear!

I painted the legs and drawer with 3 coats of the light gray and the sides and top with 3 coats of the lighter gray.

Huge difference, right? Before sealing it With clear wax I sanded the edges down to give it a bit of an aged look. They are very subtle and hard to see from afar, but are the perfect touch when you look up close.

 I changed out the handle on the drawer replacing it with a Mercury Glass knob by Cynthia Rowley. When I took the original handle off I ended up with two holes, which was a problem considering I only needed one for the knob. I filled the holes in with wood filler as well when I did the top and sanded them down. I marked the centre of the drawer and drilled a hole to accommodate the knob. I love the way it looks and adds a bit of femininity to the piece


I absolutely cannot wait to incorporate it in Ellie’s room!

  • Shayla Martin
    Aug 17

    This is beautiful, I have been meaning to try DecoArt chalky finish paint, love the color of this!

    • Chandra
      Shayla Martin
      Aug 17

      Thanks Shayla! I really like using DecoArt & they have such nice colours.

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