Spring is here….or is it?!

Spring is definitely at the top of my list for favorite seasons. Everything feels so fresh and so new once the snow has melted and the first rain has cleaned all the gravel up. Although this feels like it’s a lifetime away, especially since the snow decided to come back full force overnight, it doesn’t mean you can’t start to make some spring changes to the decor in your home! Little things like adding pops of color, changing prints in your frames, or maybe getting a new plant to put out, really make a big impact in the feel of your home.

Check out our Easter mantle and some of the changes we made to our front entry!

easter1 (640x425)

easter4 (640x425)

easter2 (640x425)
easter5 (640x425)

easter6 (425x640)

Simple touches, lots of re-uses of items we had on hand and a couple of new rabbits added to the mix  really bring that spring feeling!

Although mostly sunny,our front entry does not get any direct sunlight throughout the day as our home faces NW, so it’s usually in its glory in the evening as the sun is setting. A few pops of bright color really help bring it to life and feel brighter than it tends to be.

easter7 (425x640)

easter9 (425x640)

easter8 (640x425)

Do you change-up your decor with the seasons? What do you do around your home to make it feel brighter and more cheery?


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