Adding Pops of Color to your Doors

It’s no secret that I love color and I love to paint. Painting is my ‘zen’. Some people do yoga, some go for a jog, others may drink wine…..I paint.

Springtime is usually when my need to paint something comes out full force. This go ’round it’s doors, I can’t get enough of searching out painted interior doors. All the doors in our home are white with the exception of the exterior of our front door, I painted it a plum color last summer to go with our brown stucco. I always think it’s easier to give your exit door, or billig utgangsdr, a slightly different color outlook to the rest of your home’s doors. If you yourself are looking for an overhauled design of your front door, you may be looking at so many different ways you can do this, from a color change to a complete door renovation, there are a lot of options that you can delve into to find the right one for you. We chose a color change, but a decorative glass installation may be up your street, it brings in light and adds a unique design to your home. This webpage can give you a better idea of what you may like, you can then go from there!

Painting your interior doors is such an easy way to infuse color into your home without much commitment. Doors take up such a small area in your overall wall space that it’s easier to go bolder with your color choice than if you were having to choose a wall color for your whole main floor (for example). Before you look at some of the designs I have collated it would be a good idea to inspect your wooden doors for any cracks on irregularities with the wood. This is because sometimes it can be a cause of termite damage if there is anything wrong with the wooden doors, using things like terminix may be able to help the damage that has been caused within your home. I’ve gathered some of my favorite door inspirations to show you how much fun being brave and going bold can be when it comes to painting your interior doors! I hear that a friend really enjoyed painting their Discover Air door because the door was already looked fantastic, she just wanted to change up the colour.


I’m a fan of color blocking on anything & everything! These doors are no exception




//3// The inside of your front door is a great place to start when trying to decide which door gets the first brush stroke!



Closet doors in kids bedrooms are a great place to infuse some color

fun-wall-into-corner 887429884858_8ICbgY9L_l

//6// Tired of the white door to your garage showing EVERYTHING? Paint it in an eye catching blue for a quick fix!


//7// This bright yellow is the perfect pop of color when this pocket door is closed


//8// Need to update your teen room? Paint the inside of the door in a deep navy to add some contrast to the room.


//9// Holy orange Batman! I love how bright and cheery this door is!


//10// This pantry door is not as dramatic but just as eye-catching!


//11// Don’t want to commit to a full door paint job? Paint the edge to add just as much color pop!


//12// Don’t want to paint at all? Washi tape is the next best thing, trade your painted edge for a funky patterned washi tape instead.


//13// Use a simple color to create an eye catching pattern

ispydiy_door51//14// Go even bolder with your pattern and incorporate different shapes! The possibilities really are endless.

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