8 Free Valentines Cards Printables for your boy

…or girl who is into army men, Minecraft & whoopee cushions.

I have two boys – 8 & 4. All I know is Lego, Minecraft, nerf guns, wrestling….want me to keep going? Boys make noise and not pretty noise, they are loud and if our temperature didn’t dip down to -30C they would live outside so that I could block out the loud.

Every February we find ourselves in WalMart – it’s a given. And every February we walk by the seasonal section that showcases an over abundance of generic valentines. Sigh. Not fun for this crafty mom. But they’re boys right? They don’t care about my crafty feelings. They just know that they want generic Star Wars valentines. Or generic Angry Birds or generic Scooby Doo, catch my drift?

So for all you ladies (& dudes) who succeed in convincing your kids to let you take care of the valentines I’ve rounded up a 8 great ideas. By the way, they’re all FREE. Enjoy!

2015/01/img_1320.jpg Airplane Valentine – No Biggie

2015/01/img_1321.jpgMinecraft – See Jane Blog

2015/01/img_1303.jpgZombie – Hanasaurusrex

2015/01/img_1299.jpgSuperhero – Little Bit Funky

2015/01/img_1300.jpgHarry Potter – The Boy Trifecta

2015/01/img_1302.pngYoda Best – Design, Wash, Rinse, Repeat

2015/01/img_1298.jpgArmy Troop – Armelle Blog


Whoopee – Today’s Creative Blog

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