Making Your Own Gift Bows

Are you a bow kind of person when it comes to gift wrapping? I am! Bows, ribbon, all the different paper patterns; I love it all. Unless you’re on the ball though, its hard to come by nice patterned bows.

Bet you didn’t realize you could make your own! Once you have it figured out, they are so simple and you can make a dozen in no time at all.

Here’s what you’ll need:


  • Patterned Paper of your choice, I used cardstock for mine. Keep in mind though that the thinner the paper, the easier to manipulate.
  • Paper Cutter
  • Double sided tape OR glue gun
  • Stapler

I trimmed my cardstock down to measure 11×12. I would recommend only using 11″ long strips to start off. Cut out 8 strips and put into 2 groups of 3 & 1 group of 2. Trim your first set of 3 down by 1″, so they are only 10″ long. Trim your second set of 3 down by 2″ and your third group can be trimmed down by 3 1/2″. Discard all the ends but one from you last cut.


Begin by folding all but your smallest strip in half and then laying them back out flat. You just want a guide to show the middle of your strip. This next part can be tricky and may take you a couple of tries. Take the end of your strip and bring it down and in towards the center. Keep the same sides facing up; it should give you a funnel type shape that looks like this:

Secure it down either with a dot of hot glue or with your double-sided tape. Repeat on the opposite end and then with the remaining strips. The only strip you won’t do this to is your smallest one. They should all look like this:

Now take you 3 largest and arrange them one on top of the other so that they are equally spaced and look almost like a flower. Repeat with your next size and then just cross your smallest two.

Set your smallest flower shape into your large flower shape making sure that your points don’t overlap but fill the ‘in between’ space. Place your crossed piece in the center of the middle piece and once placed where you want staple the center to keep it all together.

Now take the smallest length that you did not fold or funnel and loop it to make a ring. Again using a dot of hot glue or your double-sided tape adhere it to the middle of the bow and voila!


Because I used cardstock my bow is pretty stiff. It does get fluffier and fuller looking if you are using a lighter weight paper. You can also add as many layers as you want and increase your lengths to make larger bows. I’m telling you, it’s the perfect solution to color coordinating your wrapping and bows!


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