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I love me a gallery wall. I mean, who wouldn’t? It’s organised clutter, which is something I seem to be the queen of lately. Since we moved into our home just over two years ago, we’ve (and by we’ve, I mean I) managed to add a few gallery walls throughout the place. Gallery walls are a great way to showcase things that reflect you, your family & your space. It doesn’t need to cost you anything, use what you have on hand. Whether it’s picture frames, signs, or home decor items, anything goes when it comes to finding your style. Don’t be scared to take advantage of the incredible amount of free printables available online as well, it’s a cheap and easy way to switch things up when you get tired of something.

Welcome to our front entrance.


IMG_1248 IMG_1249

The common ‘theme’ to this wall is the white frames with Navy accents. Although this wall is in our front entrance, it’s a North facing wall that doesn’t get much sunlight throughout the day. The white frames help lighten the area up a bit. I pulled the navy from the large print I had purchased from HomeSense a few years ago and just went with it. I spray painted an old metal clock frame in Krylon’s Regal Blue, as well as a large thicker frame I had kicking around. The rest of the frames, I left white. I painted the wording on to the HomeSense print with a few coats of white craft paint & the LOVE print was purchased from Katie Daisy’s Etsy shop thewheatfield. And of course family photo’s, because who doesn’t love showing off their kids to complete strangers.

Once you’re done admiring our entry display you will then turn the corner into the living room and BAM, another gallery wall! IMG_1198

I had an overabundance of black frames kicking around the house, so decided to used only black frames this go round. It’s a nice contrast to our wall color, Dishware by Beauti-Tone and manages to anchor everything together. From L-R starting in the top left corner: a pic I had taken a couple of summers ago from our family cabin at the lake, “You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling” printable from Oh So Lovely (great source for a lot of free printables!), “It is well with my soul” watercolor I whipped up while crafting with Tuck one day, antler printable from Lollyjane, a pic of the boys showing some brotherly love, and a family tree frame of some fun Instagram pics! I change the printables out in these frames seasonally to keep things fresh.

Next on the tour is Little E’s room.

????????Here we are again with white frames. Don’t they look so crisp?!! The “you are my sunshine” prints were found at HomeSense.Then there’s an ultrasound photo of my 20 week check up, a couple of more printables found at Oh So Lovely, a 31 week preggo pic, and a shadow box of treasures. The shadowbox showcases some dried roses from when Ellie was born that a close friend gave us & the card that accompanied them. A tag that was made for a gift she received and a photo of her dad and bro’s watching over her.

IMG_1257 IMG_1256

Lastly, but definitely not least is Tuck’s room. We have a bit of a woodland theme going through out the room – it wasn’t planned this way but we lucked out in finding a lot of neat little things that all had that theme in common.

IMG_1202IMG_1203 IMG_1205

The “Over the river and through the woods” print is also from Katie Daisy’s thewheatfield shop, the wooden plaque was a treasure found when we were cleaning out my late grandpa’s house – It’s from Lake Louise. I made the T monogram with some buttons & brads that I already had on hand and spray painted a frame orange to match. We found the deer hangers at Superstore and lastly but most definitely not least, our moose head from Target – Pardon me as I step away and sob due to the fact that Target is now closing in Canada.

It only takes a little to make a big impact & although the thought of creating a gallery wall may be daunting, I promise you’ll love the outcome! We have recently redecorated and refurnished our home office and I am already planning another gallery wall to go in there. The walls are now a very light grey and we have bought some office furniture with a green theme from Office Monster so I’m thinking of white frames with green accents and lots of inspirational quotes to keep me working!

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  • Lolly Jane
    Jan 17

    Looks awesome, you have a cute family! Thanks for the shout out (:

  • Chelsey
    Jan 18

    I love your gallery walls!
    Where did you find the rounded corner frames that you have in your entrance?

    • Chandra
      Jan 18

      All the frames in the front entrance are from IKEA Chelsey! It was a few years ago that I got them, but I’m pretty sure they still stock them.

  • DIY Tribal Art
    Jun 25

    […] gallery walls are going through a sloooooooow transition. I’m still trying to maintain the gallery style […]

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