An Army Party

Ever since Carter could dream of a career, he’s wanted that career to be in the Army. We’re not entirely sure where this originated from or what brought it on, we don’t watch an abundance of army/war related movies nor are we hugely patriotic in the sense that we were born to serve our country. So it shouldn’t have come as a shock when he wanted an Army themed party. Well actually, he asked for a Call of Duty party, to which I said No. Then it was a Halo party, uh – No. Enter a huge dramatic sigh and the response of “Fine, I’ll have a hockey party”. I was kind of feeling guilty about dashing the poor kids dreams, especially considering how he talks non stop about joining up when he’s 18, so we settled on a somewhat army themed affair. Smiley faces all around.

I did pull an image from COD (Call of Duty) to use on my invites:

Call of Duty Birthday Invite1…And that’s about as Call of Duty as it got!

To keep with the theme we planned to play Capture the Flag. There is a campground right down the road from our house so it was the perfect setting for our game! As a kid we used to play Capture the Flag non stop at the park near our home, and it was pretty awesome that more than half the boys already knew how to play the game. I was prepared for those who didn’t know though, a quick sketch on some Kraft paper was hung up and using my best Military voice the game was explained.

COD6If you have boys, especially active boys, you know there’s no lack of appetite. Some simple items like chips, survival fluid (juices boxes), pepperoni ‘grenades’ & of course camo cupcakes helped with this!




COD5Do you know how hard it is to come up with a decent party favor for a 9 year old? They are kind of at that in between stage where you don’t really need one, but they still look forward to one. Here’s what I ended up with


COD7I took a pack of microwave popcorn, printed of a label I made, used some washi tape on the edges &  added an oversized army man. I found the army men at the Dollar Store and they were 5 to a pack for only $1.25! Talk about a steal! I wrapped them onto the popcorn pack with some camo yarn I had on hand & voila. Cheapest party favor ever, for realz.

COD1All in all it was a success! It’s a good thing I love birthdays so much, Tucker turns 5 this coming weekend so I get to turn around and do it all over again, wish me luck!





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