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All Hale That Damn Door

Hey hey! If you've been hanging around for a bit, you'll remember I painted one of our interior doors a beautiful blue called Thunderbird Blue. Well, back in November, we were having some friends over before we headed out for a comedy night. Instead of tidying the house I painted that damn door. My intentions were to actually paint our exterior door, but then Mother Nature went all cray cray on me and it was too cold. So I had to satisfy my painting itch somehow. If you've never painted interior doors before, do not be afraid! It's super simple and I'm going t[...]


Bringing Fall Into Your Home

Bringing the outside indoors with fall neutrals

Fall is my favourite season. The crispness is the air, the crunch of the leaves as you walk down the street and the colors. I LOVE THE COLORS. We have some of the most amazing sunsets on the prairies and it, combined with the vibrant hues on the leaves is pretty breathtaking. The only thing I dislike about Fall is that winter follows way too quickly! Once September hits and the kids are back in school I'm able to find the time to infuse some of that fall feeling into our décor. Fall décor doesn't have to boast bold & vivid hues, a neutral palette can make[...]


12 Inspiring & Organised Command Centres

Every year I make a silent oath to myself that goes a little something like this: Dear self, this year you will makes lunches the night before. You will be more diligent with utilising the calendar you insist on purchasing every September. You will get school forms in on time. This is the year you will be more ORGANISED. Unfortunately the lunch thing never happens, the calendar gets a B- for effort and can you define organised? If it means constantly searching for forms or texting fellow momma's for info on school events, then I'm excelling. Please tell me you[...]


Ellie’s Light & Airy Bedroom Makeover

I'm so excited to be sharing Ellie's room with you guys today! It was a long labour of love due to my indecisiveness and the fact that I distract easily by other projects. So now that I have 371 projects on the go, I figured it's about time some of them get finished. I can now cross number 184 (Ellie's room) off the list. High fives all around!! Awhile ago I made a mood board to help give me some idea's on what I wanted to do with her room. Although I strayed a bit from my original idea, I managed to pull off the light and airy feel that I was ultimately aiming[...]


Fresh Finds in the Living Room

As the seasons take a turn towards warmer weather, fresher air and all the beautiful glory that Spring bestows upon us, it's hard not you want to freshen up your space! It's usually this time of year that I get the itch to throw a new color on the wall, start changing the furniture around or look into some of the stair parts from Pear Stairs to freshen up the appearance of my home without breaking the bank. You slowly come out of hibernation and so does your decor, from cozy muted tones to brighter mood lifting pieces, it's easy to reflect your mood around your ho[...]