Mini Clipboard Art Hanger

Is it just me or has this week been absolutely crazy?! It’s been so incredibly hot in our area lately, it’s like being in Mexico less the relaxation part. Relaxing, what is that again? I know it’s crazy to say but I’m so craving back to school and all the routine and structure that it brings to our lives. I’m sure by November I’ll be wishing for summer and laziness again!

Last week we had to run into Saskatoon for a dentist appointment for Carter and can you guess where we stopped? You got it, Michael’s. The only place that counts….for this crafty mom at least. I found these cute little clipboards for $5.99 & combined with my 30% off all items coupon, they were a steal of a deal!


I had a pallet that was half disassembled in the garage, so I used one of the lengths and cut it into 3 boards measuring roughly 18″ long. I had my dad plane down the tops for me so they were nice and smooth. I glued the long edges to each other using carpenters glue and let it dry overnight completely.


Once that was done I gave them 2 coats of Minwax stain in Provencial and then when dried, gave it a quick whitewash with some white craft paint. Once everything was good and dry I gave it 2 coats of poly and let that dry up. I layed the clipboards out on top in different spots to see where I liked them before settling on the predictable pattern of 3 in a row. What can I say, I like uniform! I gave the backs of the clipboards and the spots where they were being placed a quick sand, just to rough the surface up, then glued them down with the carpenters glue.

Next step was to figure out how to hang this beauty. I really wanted to incorporate the sisal rope into it, so I found a couple of eye hooks to use. I predrilled the holes, not completely, just enough to get the hook started in.

  You’re probably thinking that the hole looks too small for the rope, right? It just actually fit, I made sure to check this out before screwing the hooks in!  I slid the rope through, figured the length I wanted and then fashioned a knot on either end.  The rope looked really bright compared to the rest of the project so I took some stain, Classic Gray, and brushed it over the rope. It kind of gave the rope a dingy look, but it tied in way better with the overall look.
I hung it on our arrow wall & I’m so glad I did, it really adds to it I love that we can switch up the items we hang on it!

trio trio1 trio7trio4 trio2

  • Karen
    Aug 16

    I live this! It’s so clever and stylish!
    It would be great if you stopped by on Mondays and shared at our Something to Talk About link party!

    • Chandra
      Aug 16

      Thanks so much Karen! I’ll be sure to pop by and check it out!

  • Shayla Martin
    Aug 17

    This is so cute, absolutely love it! Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Chandra
      Shayla Martin
      Aug 17

      So glad you liked it Shayla!

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